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Portable Petrol Chipper/Shredder 75mm

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Part Number : 0919

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Portable Petrol Chipper/Shredder 75mm



Portable Petrol Chipper/Shredder 75mm

Chipper shredders will reduce most garden waste for composting or easy disposal, Shredders are ideal for breaking down dry brush twigs and garden trimmings. Chippers will reduce branches and small trees into manageable waste.

Features and Benefits

  • 13hp Honda engine
  • Drum mounted, double-sided blades

- Power: 13 hp / 9.6 kW
- Displacement: 389 cc
- Tank capacity: 6 l
- Fuel: Euro98 (E5)
- Max. diameter wood: 10 cm
- Input height: 103 cm
- Input dimensions: 50 x 35 cm
- Output height: 138 cm
- Output direction: side
- Deflector: infinitely adjustable up to 85°
- Panic bar and safety switches
- Diameter wheels: 39 cm
- Wheels with ball bearings
- 2 PRO blades + 1 counter blade
- Dimensions (l x w x h): 155 x 77 x 160 cm
- Weight: 189 kg

Manufacturer Description

GTS1300M | MSGTS1305M

The GTS1300M from GTM Professional is a powerful and compact wood chipper, equipped with a strong Mitsubishi GB40 engine of 13 hp. This machine has a high capacity to easily shred fresh branches up to 10 cm in diameter (dry wood up to 8 cm). With a moisture fraction of 60-70%, the GTS1300 processes a maximum of 880 kg of mixed cuttings per hour.

The efficient rotor chipping system automatically pulls the branches inside, which guarantees a high working speed. On the rotor, two PRO-blades are mounted that rotate along the counter blade at a high speed. The PRO-blades made of high-alloy steel have an extra-long life and are provided with two cutting edges. When both sides are worn out, the blades can be sharpened (always have this done by a specialist).

The wood chipper is easy to use and also very accessible with its input height of 103 cm. Thanks to the wide input, it is rarely necessary to remove side branches beforehand. Through the high output, the wood chips can be blown directly into a trailer. The fine wood chips are perfect to use as a ground cover or mulch.

For us, user safety is paramount. The GTS1300 is certified by TÃœV Rheinland and is the only gravity fed wood chipper that complies with the forestry machine standard (NEN-EN 13525: 2005 + A2: 2009). A panic bar is mounted around the input, which immediately interrupts the motor when the bar is pressed. The safety switches on the input and output block the operation of the machine during maintenance work.

The compact dimensions make it possible to transport the machine on a trailer or in a van. With a total width of just 77 cm, this wood chipper fits easily through a garden gate or small alley. The wheels of the GTS1300 are interchangeable with those of the GTS900 so that the machine even fits through 73 cm gates! This GTM Professional wood chipper is perfectly balanced and easy to manoeuvre to be moved by one person.

The GTS1300 has a robust design with refined details, the ideal machine for tree maintenance, landscaping, and forestry. A turnable output and towbar are available as an option.




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