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Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers

Keep your garden looking ship-shaped with neat, tidy edges using our professional heavy-duty hedge trimmer hire options.

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Hedge trimmers are great for larger properties and on scrubland and are available from us in petrol hedge trimmer hire or electric cordless hedge trimmer hire to suit your landscaping or gardening needs. Do not forget to have a look at our range of gloves and ear defenders to make sure you are safe while you are working in your garden. A petrol hedge trimmer is usually reserved for larger garden and professional applications as they provide significant cutting power and mobility. When hedge trimming, considering your needs for the cutting action, blade length, blade style, and tooth gap is essential for commercial applications. Blade length, as a rule of thumb, is the longer the blade, the more you are able to get done in a short time. Length can come at the cost of movability, so shaping hedgerows and shrubs or working in a confined area, you will want to pick a hedge trimmer machine with a shorter blade. Tooth gap is used to reference the spacing of teeth on the hedge trimmer blade and determines the diameter of vegetation the hedge trimmer has the ability to cut. There are two options of blades, double-sided hedge trimmers, and single-sided hedge trimmers. Most hedge trimmers use a double cutting action in which two blades move against one another to cut through tough vegetation. Double sided hedge trimmers are more prevalent for their cleaner cuts and tend to vibrate less than single-action hedge trimmers, which only features one moving blade and one stationary blade.

When you’re landscaping a garden, hire the right tools for the garden with our extensive range of blowers, leaf vacuums, brush cutters, , garden rollers, long reach pruners, garden , post hole borers and post rammers, rotavator hire, scarifiers, aerators, shove holers, stump grinders, and turf cutter hires. For more know-how on landscaping and project ideas, review for more ways to evolve your gardening and landscaping project knowledge. Our landscaping hire tools are constantly growing, so if you cannot see a tool hire that you need, please get in touch with us by finding your contact. . We go the extra mile to provide our customers with at your local branch, available for all major brands of power tools and plant hire. Find out more by filling out our request form through our or by finding your local for more information.

Our range of landscaping tools for hire to ensure your project, big or small, can run smoothly. Whatever you need, we have tool hire solutions covered to all types and scales of project with the availability to book and hire online from us If you cannot find the hire tool you require or are unsure of what to use, please contact your local for assistance using our to learn more from our experience Hire Staff Team or alternatively, use our form to request an item we can source for you. Discover more from online or branch to find out more on what your local Hirebase can provide for our available PASMA & IPAF training, service, and maintenance options.

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